Category: Personnel

Matthew Beeler moves on. Permanently.

Matthew Beeler —the first observer of a spin-Hall effect in a Bose-Einstein condensate— just moved on to a staff scientist position at the the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Or we think he has, his work is classified.

Ross Williams starts at the NPL

Ross got a job at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London! Way to go! We will sorely miss Ross, but he leaves behind fantastic work: he first engineered artificial d– and g– waves in colliding Bose-Einstein condensates; as that was

Karina Jimenéz-García graduates and moves on to a postdoc!

Karina received her Ph.D. and starts her postdoc in Ching Chin’s group at Chicago.  Good luck Karina! In addition to participating in a range of experiments creating artificial gauge fields for cold atoms, Karina: lead our precision experiment measuring the

Subhadeep De starts at NPL, New Delhi

We all wish Deep the best in his new Staff Scientist position at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL), New Delhi, India.  During his tenure, Deep setup the now operating RbLi experiment on the University of Maryland campus, and lead our

Postdoc Yu-Ju Lin employed!

Yu-Ju Lin who has spent the past three years working on the artificial gauge fields project will be moving on to a permanent position at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan in November.  We will miss you, and good luck!

Postdoc Rob Compton employed!

Rob Compton, working on the Feshbach resonance project on Rubidum II, lands permanent employment.  He will be working for Honeywell in Minneapolis, MN!