We are always looking for outstanding graduate and postdoctoral researchers.  All postdoctoral candidates are suggested to apply for the JQI postdoctoral fellowship, and US citizens are eligible to apply for the NIST-NRC fellowship.  If you are interested please contact Ian Spielman []


PI: I. B. Spielman [Ian’s CV]

RbK, NIST Gaithersburg

Emmanuel Mercado [Postdoc]
Alina Escalera [Graduate Student]
Edvinas Gvozdiovas [Graduate Student]

Rubidium Chip, NIST Gaithersburg

Emine Altuntas [Postdoc]

KML, NIST Gaithersburg (in collaboration with Justyna Zwolak)

Michael Doris [Graduate Student]
Dario D’Amato [Graduate Student]

RbRb, UMD  College Park

Mingshu Zhao [Graduate Student]
Junheng Tao [Graduate Student]


Jõao Braz [Postdoc]



Amilson Fritsch [Postdoc, to second postdoc in Sao Paulo]

Mingwu Lu [Postdoc, to Atom Computing]

Qiyu Liang [Postdoc, to Assistant Professor at Purdue University]

Hilary Hurst [NRC Postdoc, to Assistant Professor San Jose State University]

Chris Billington [Postdoc to 2020, to second postdoc at University of Melbourne]

Dimitris Trypogeorgos [Postdoc to 2018, to Postdoc in Trento]

Hsin-I Lu [Postdoc to 2016, to Research scientist in energy startup]

Seiji Sugawa [Postdoc to 2016, to Research fellow at Kyoto University]

Ben Stuhl [NRC Postdoc to 2015, to Staff scientist at with Air Force cold atom group, Albuquerque]

Lindsay LeBlanc [Postdoc to 2013, to Assistant professor at the University of Alberta]

Matthew Beeler [Postdoc to 2013, to Staff scientist at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab]

Ross Williams [Postdoc to 2013, to Staff scientist at NPL, London]

Subhadeep De [Postdoc to 2012, to Staff scientist at NPL, New Delhi]

Yu-Ju Lin [Postdoc to 2010, to Research Fellow at Academica Sinica, Taiwan]

Rob Compton [NRC Postdoc to 2009, to Staff scientist at Honeywell]

Graduate Students

Graham Reid [Ph.D. 2023, to DARPA fellowship]

Shangjie Guo (co advised with Jake Taylor and Justyna Zwolak) [Ph.D, 2022, to British Petroleum]

Yuchen Yue [Ph.D 2021, to finance]

Francisco Salces Carcoba [Ph.D 2020, to postdoc at Caltech]

Ana Valdés Curiel [Ph.D 2019, postdoc at UCLA]
Dina Genkina [Ph.D 2019, UMD Physics / cold quanta]
Andika Putra [Ph.D. 2017, Mathworks]
Erin Marshall [Masters 2017, Ph.D. program @ George Washington University]
Lauren M. Aycock [Ph.D. 2016, APS policy fellowship]
Ryan Price [Ph.D. 2015, Montana optics]
Abigail Perry [Ph.D. 2015, postdoc with NIST Boulder chip scale magnetometer group]
Dan Campbell [Ph.D. 2015, postdoc at MIT]
Karina Jimenez-Garcia [Ph.D. 2012, postdoc with Cheng Chin]


Justin Craven [SURF 2023, home institute Chico State University]

Brady Egleston (SURF 2023, home institute University of Maryland College Park)

Evan Yamaguchi [B.S. 2021, Ph.D program @ U. Chicago]

Elliot Fenton [B.S. 2019, to Ph.D program @ Harvard]

Robert Kauffman [SURF 2019, home institute Juniata]

Vivian (Julia) Belenky [B.S. 2018, to Masters program @ Drexel University College of Medicine]

Benjamin Eckardt [SURF 2018, home institute Bates College]

Michael Dorris [SURF 2018, home institute Chico State University]


Jõao Braz [2019, Graduate Fulbright fellow]
Jan-Philipp Bureik [2018, Intern]
Russell Anderson [2017, sabbatical]
Martin Link [2016, Intern]
Nathan Lundblad [2016, sabbatical]
Max Schemmer [2015, Intern]
Marcell Gall [2014, Intern]

High School Students

Ruthie Vogel [Spring 2019, Intern]