Fourth year review

Fourth year review


The fourth year MURI review scheduled for Sep. 26; unlike the past two years this review will be a single-day review. Approximate times: starting at 9:00 AM on the 26th, and ending at 5:00 PM, followed by a 60 minute poster session. The review will be held at the JQI at the University of Maryland, College park.  For  directions to UMd, information on parking, and the location of the JQI, click here, and scroll to the bottom

The review will begin with morning presentations from PI’s and guests; after lunch we will continue with presentations from students and postdocs; followed by a poster session.


Atomtronics MURI review IV
2136 PSC Building (New Building)


9:00 AM     Introductory remarks [Baker, government panel],  MURI Overview [Spielman]

MURI PI Summary Presentations

9:10 AM     Cascadable gates / Fermions  [Zwierlein]

9:40 AM     Devices far from equilibrium experiment [Porto]

10:10 AM    Spintronics with atoms [Das Sarma]

10:40 AM    Coffee Break

11:00 AM    Cold-atom closed circuits [Campbell]

11:30 AM    Interfacing to optoelectronics [Rolston]

MURI Affiliate Presentations

12:00 PM    Tapered optical fibers [Fatemi]

12:30 PM     Lunch and discussion

1:15 PM     Many-body phases of spin-orbit coupled quantum gases  [Scarola]

1:45 PM     Many-body phases of spin-orbit coupled quantum gases  [Zhang]

2:15 PM     Vortex matter  [Helmerson]

Student and Postdoc presentations

2:45 PM     Cascadable gates / Fermions  [Zwierlein group: Nichols]

3:00 PM     Devices far from equilibrium theory [Demler group: Knap]

3:15 PM     Interfacing to optoelectronics [Rolston group: Salono]

3:30 PM     Cold-atom closed circuits [Campbell group: Eckel]

3:45 PM     Spintronics with atoms [CMTC: Natu]

4:00 PM     Ultracold spin-orbit coupled matter [Clark group: Anderson]

Poster session and discussion with government panel

4:30 PM     Coffee Break and posters [Radic, Billington, Stuhl, Lu, Perry, Sugawa, Price, Putra, Struck, Mukherjee, Nichols, Kumar, Knap, Meyer, Kunz]