Third year review scheduled

Third year review on Oct. 9-10 the atomtronics MURI, and like with last year the review will be a 1.5 day event. Approximate times: starting at 1:00 PM on the 9th, and ending at 5PM on the 10th. The location will be the same as for the past reviews (in the JQI space at UMD, CSS Room 2115 JQI Conference room).

The overall format will look the same as last year, but content will differ slightly. The format will have PI’s giving presentations on the afternoon on the 9th and students, postdocs, and guests talking on the 10th.

As this is the third year review, the PI’s will be expected to give a discussion of the overall progress from this MURI as it connects to our proposal, both including where we did what we said, and also where we found new directions. The student/postdoc presentations then will be the venue where we will present in detail the work of the past year.