Fermionic measurement-based quantum computation

Fermions, as a major class of quantum particles, provide platforms for quantum information processing beyond the possibilities of spins or bosons, which have been studied more extensively. One particularly interesting model to study, in view of recent progress in manipulating ultracold fermion gases, is the fermionic version of measurement-based quantum computation (MBQC), which implements full quantum computation with only single-site measurements on a proper fermionic many-body resource state. However, it is not known which fermionic states can be used as the resource states for MBQC and how to find them. In this paper, we generalize the framework of spin MBQC to fermions. In particular, we provide a general formalism to construct many-body entangled fermion resource states for MBQC based on the fermionic projected entangled pair state representation. We give a specific fermionic state which enables universal MBQC and demonstrate that the nonlocality inherent in fermion systems can be properly taken care of with suitable measurement schemes. Such a framework opens up possibilities of finding MBQC resource states which can be more readily realized in the laboratory.

1. Chiu, Y.-J., Chen, X. & Chuang, I. L. Fermionic measurement-based quantum computation. Phys. Rev. A 87, 012305 (2013).